Mens Hairdresser In Hull

If you are a Men’s hairdresser in Hull, and you would like to gain more clients, then we are here to help you. was set up as a huge national directory for all of the best Men’s Hairdressers in local areas.

This means that if you’re a Men’s Hairdress in Hull, you can effectively rent out this page to advertise from. We are currently ranking on the first page of Google for the search term “mens hairdresser Hull“. That means that whenever someone is searching for a Men’s Hairdresser in Hull, the first thing they will see, is this page.

What You Receive

If you decide to advertise on this page, you will be 100% guaranteed to be the only mens hairdresser in Hull to do so.

We only rent out to a single company. Therefore, if this page isn’t currently rented out, it may be a race between you and a competitor to do so.

Think of the benefits you will have over the other Mens Hairdressers in Hull. You will have an advertisement source for your business which has been directly entered into the first page of Google.

Not only do you get advertisements on this website, but you will also have your own website put here. Essentially, that means that when people visit this page, instead of seeing this writing, they will be greeted by a popup of your website.

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The Costs of Advertising your Establishment

The costs for a Mens Hairdresser in the Hull area to advertise on this website start at a small £49 per month. This includes everything mentioned above.

We also offer other SEO, Website Design and Marketing based services, however, you’re in no way obliged to take us up on any of our offers.

Think about it this way. Let’s say this specific page receives a measly 20 visitors per month. Doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, the people searching for “Mens Hairdresser Hull” are 9 times out of 10, specifically looking to book an appointment. Therefore, out of those 20 visitors, let’s say worst case scenario 50% decide to book an appointment with you.

I don’t know your business model, but I have personally used Mens Hairdressers in Hull, and the cost is normally £25-£35.

So, let’s say you got 10 booking per month via our advertisement. At £25 each, you would make £250. Well over 100% profit from your original advertisement investment.

The great thing is, with hairdressing, you’re likely going to maintain that client, and then add more clients month after month.

So, what started off as £250 in month one, could turn into £500, or £1,000 down the line.

Men’s Hairdresser Reviews Hull

There are many websites online which you can take a look at to decide what hairdresser you would like to make your number one choice. These reviews consist of honest people of the public who have visited the establishment, and decide to give their opinion on whether or not they had a good experience.

This can often separate the good from the bad in this industry. Especially in an industry when so many things can go wrong.

You would want to know if the hairdresser you were considering visiting has a history of producing bad haircuts, or they have bad customer support, or they’ve done something else majorly wrong. Looking at them on Review Websites such as Yelp can really help you make a decision.