When it comes to pomades, there are two types. You can get a petroleum based pomade, or a water based pomade. From our experience, a petroleum based pomade will give you a slightly stiffer and stronger hold. However, it doesn’t wash out of the hair easily. Therefore, most users of petroleum based pomade will have a slicked back or pompadour style of hair on a day to day basis.

Therefore, if you like to change your hair style depending on the day, a water based pomade is for you. This will allow you to easily wash it out when you go for a shower.

Generally speaking, petroleum based pomade is more effective as a styling product, it just has a lot of downsides. We personally find it a bit too thick and unmanageable. It generally leaves our hair feeling very greasy, and it just doesn’t feel like it is healthy on the hair. I would imagine it doesn’t leave much room for the scalp to breathe.

However, some people like to go old school and stick with the original, which is the petroleum based pomade.

We recently did an article on a pomade by Cock Grease (read here), which is a fantastic water based pomade, which we highly recommend. It has a great strong hold, without the annoying downsides that the petroleum pomade will give you.

The difference between a gel and a pomade, is a pomade will not dry on the hair. It will constantly stay pliable and “greasy” on your hair. Gel, on the other hand, eventually dries and solidifies on the hair.

Specifically with water based pomade, it is incredibly easy to restyle your hair. All you need to do is slightly wet your hands, and then run your fingers through your hair, and you’ll find that all of a sudden, you can completely restyle the hair. This may require a little more pomade once the new style has been complete, but it is an incredibly easy product to work with.

We prefer the feeling of water based pomade over gel. However, pomade is a little bit more expensive. A tub of Cock Grease Water Based Pomade will run you back around £13 a tub. But that tub will last you for at least 2 months.